Unlimited Treasures Await The Company Who Unlocks Their Social Media

Unlimited Treasures Await The Company Who Unlocks Their Social Media

A shapeless monster lurks in the shadows, guarding the golden key to your success. One step and its billion glowing eyes reveal everything about you. Its twisting mass of tentacles wriggle into every corner, through bones of failed heroes, and surround the very spot you’re standing. What do you do next?

For those of you quivering in fear, I’ll shed some light. The room you just entered is the Internet, the monster is social media, and the golden key is customer relationships that unlock sales. And you, well, you’re the hero for your company! So how do you defeat this monster?

You could get a brain-hacked Terminator to splatter the beast for you, except every tentacle you cut off just spawns a thousand more. But, the Terminator does offer a clue to your victory. What if you could use AI to hack into the monster’s brain instead and shape social media to your own criteria? Train the monster to be your loyal hound to fetch you the key. You could send it into every room and win every prize!

I’m talking about the convergence of social media and artificial intelligence. That marriage presents unique opportunities, like shaping your engagement of the 2.5 million pieces of content posted every minute by Facebook users alone! There are many channels and a lot of data piling up, each one a potential goldmine!

Your social media is a direct channel to each individual customer and offers huge potential to see what they see, expand your brand awareness, and translate relationships into sales via customer reviews. The challenge is curating your engagements so the reviews are positive and hitting the right outlets. To give you some idea how important these engagements are, consider one BrightLocal survey reporting that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. That’s pretty important!

The instant you step into this you are facing an avalanche of data, interactions, and stats on shares demanding that you focus your efforts on platforms attracting your intended audience. There are a lot of services that can arm you with the tools of ‘social media monitoring’ and ‘social media listening’. Groups like BuzzSumo, Google Analytics, or Track Reddit track everything from the simple number of engagements to nuanced sentiment trending toward your brand. You’ll gather a swell of data and if you’re listening closely, you’ll engage customers with priority attention to service issues, greeting them with a personalized message. Now you’ll have their attention, and hopefully a new fan.

But that’s just a start. With social media racing at light speed and the billions of posts becoming outdated within 3 months, it’s important that you plan how to engage people. Social media analytics never stop and need to be tracked constantly. Even a room full of people working 24/7 could struggle to keep up. This is where AI steps in to help with the heavy lifting.

That brings us full circle… the monster has a lot of tentacles.

The good news is the monster isn’t so scary when it’s working for you. In fact, that’s better than good news because you might scare your competitors with that on your side! The introduction of AI, the brain-hack, while seemingly scary at first becomes friendly, and smarter, when you’re directing it.

Imagine a human-assisted AI, automating tasks at your command to reach into a thousand channels with a billion eyes. It seeks individual customer trends and caters analysis and outreach to your specified goals. It’s like stepping into an AI super suit. Obviously, it’s fast. It’s also comparing relationships across platforms, tracking history, and watching trends in minute detail. Armed with that kind of analytic you can adjust tactics, drop underperforming channels, or include others with more relevant channels. Basically riding the wave of data with pinpoint engagement.

That’s what companies like Navedas provide; monitoring, listening, tracking, and analysis moving as fast as social media itself. Human-assisted AI, so you control and target your reach with every single tentacle (channel) handing you a golden key.

Bottom line, proactively developing your company’s social media universe is immensely valuable and growing exponentially. The reward for understanding the complex web of data your customers generate via social media is your future success.

The next level of performance is at your fingertips in the form of AI. It’s gathering, analyzing, and even learning new methods tirelessly. It frees up your staff for other issues and keeps you ahead of the game.

You can start by investigating options for data monitoring services through SocDir, a directory of more than 300 social media tools. That can be kind of overwhelming, and even with all of those tools, are they doing what you need? Navedas can set up a custom AI, based on what your historical records to help you plot the course to your success.

With the right tools none of this is scary, and in fact, it’s probably a lot of fun.