Welcome to Navedas

We deliver business value by "extending your enterprise". Our deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, flexible partnership approach are reflected in our comprehensive service offerings to SMEs & Entrepreneurs.

Do you Customer Service 2.0?

Redefine Customer Service
Today your customers expect better, faster service than ever before.
What we can do?
- Live assistance hours beyond 9 to 5
- Go Mobile, Go Social and Go Cloud
- Social Media Response time in minutes
- Seamless experience across all channels
- Solutions in a few clicks

Market Research & Financial Data

Let our experience do the work
We have over 7 years of extensive experience in analyzing data and locating difficult source documents to substantiate your research needs.
Who do we Serve?
- Market Research Firms
- Brokerage Firms & Money Managers
- Venture Capitalists & Start Ups
- Investment & Commercial Banks