About Us

Our Story

“Navedas” means ‘Cognition’ in Sanskrit. It reflects the way we work – continually expanding our understanding. We apply human expertise to customer service issues, advancing human-assisted artificial intelligence to streamline our clients’ businesses,  improve customer service and reduce QA costs for our clients.

We began in 2009.  As engineers, we saw directly the mountains of data companies were accumulating that didn’t move or motivate. It just existed.  We realized that we could provide value helping organizations transform their data, enabling startups to become flourishing enterprises. This data would be used to provide agile and cost-effective resources to enhance operations and customer service.

We have worked with numerous innovative companies including Outbrain and Schlesinger Group with less than a 1% error rating.

Navedas uses ML/DL to automate routine office work. Our frameworks build on organizational experience, freeing employees from busy work so companies can utilize employee time for the unique instead of the mundane.  Our breakthrough moment came when we realized not only could we reduce the “busy” in busywork, but we could combine company-specific expertise of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) with best practices to create customer service experiences that are not only painless but proactive. We realized that if we asked companies what their ideal representative would do, we could create an interface to help their live CSRs do it. Then we did exactly that.

Back offices are our history and our future. We began as a company analyzing data, consolidating it, and cleaning it up to ensure accuracy and scalability. We have done just about everything to upgrade, digitize, and maintain back offices in most sectors of the economy, from providing compliance services to a large media firm to creating methods and processes to automating complex surveys for medical testing and recruitment for Medquery (a Schlesinger Group company). Our analysts, engineers, and specialists have saved between 25% – 35%* of operational costs by automating routines, and that was before we added AI to the mix. Our AI can automate so much more!

We are large enough to get the job done, yet still, offer boutique services of customization with a personal touch.  Currently, we have over 60 people working for us including MBA’s, Engineers, Researchers and other professionals experienced in running businesses while resolving customer service issues.

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*98% of the companies we have worked with have saved 25-35% in operational costs

The Numbers

95% Customer Success Rating

5% churn from our employee base

10's millions interactions analyzed

ISO 27001:2013 Certified

10 Years in Operation