Face the Changes in CX and EX in Customer Service

Face the Changes in CX and EX in Customer Service

Change is inevitable. (The order isn’t just: “A small coffee with cream.” It’s now: “A double shot oat milk latte with light foam and cinnamon. Please.”) Heraclitus, the ancient philosopher, knew it. He said “The only thing that is constant is change.” Business leader Jack Welch knew it. He said “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” (Coffee shops that don’t offer massive drink customization will be competing against many that do.) Businesses must evolve as the people who work them and those who buy from them evolve. Changes in customer service have to come at the speed of change in the world as a whole.

The Rise of CX, EX and Customer Expectations

It is no longer simply customer service. The awareness of the importance of customer experience and employee experience has caused the industry to be much more nuanced. (Is the coffee from Kenya, Columbia or Yemen?) 

From UX to CX

It used to be that “user experience” (UX) was the hot term. UX and CX are not the same. The difference is significant though subtle. From CustomerThink: “The goal of CX is not only to ensure that users enjoy the product but to ensure that users have positive emotions toward the entire organization and will return for additional products or advocate for the organization within their networks.” (They love their local coffee shop so much they’re constantly taking pics of their coffee and putting it on Instagram.) Whereas, UX focuses on how the user operates or interacts with a product on a more technical level. (Where is the online order form for that latte?)

This advancement has been fueled by the change in what customers want and what they have come to expect as their options increase. If customers can email, text, chat, facetime or call their friends they want to be able to access companies through multiple channels too. (Now that they know a unicorn frappucino exists they are no longer appeased by a mocha.)

They want speed, accuracy and their personal preferences anticipated. That kind of detail requires great agents who know the product and their customers.

The EX Connection

Another important part of the changes in CX is the growth of EX. (The employee wants the coffee the customer is having.) It’s been said many times, happy employees equal happy customers. Happy customers benefit their companies by sticking around longer. Companies get improved ROI on their employee training and the great veteran employees know the business so well the longer they stay the harder they are to replace. 

Plus, letting employees experience the products the customers buy makes them more knowledgeable and helpful to the customers. (Try the new lavender cold brew nitro. It’s flowery and has a great kick!)

Ben Granger, XM Institute Sr. Principal, believes that EX is at the core of many upcoming positive changes. The initial investment in EX is worth it : EX programs are kind of like diesel engines – they take a little while to get going but once they are running, they just keep on going.”

Investing in employees is good customer service. Employee engagement directly affects CX and the bottom line. From The Gallup “State of American Workplace” report 2018: “Compared with business units in the bottom quartile, those in the top quartile of engagement realize substantially better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents, and 21% higher profitability.”

The competition for customers has become a competition for talent as well, and they are just as important to the success of a business. Employees want to matter to a business as much as customer, and they should. Churn and burn is costly and not part of a long term view.

Changes to CX and EX are inevitable. Give your team the tools they need to provide great CX, and at the same time, have great EX. CSAT.AI supports customers and agents by providing real time feedback and quality assurance for 100% of engagements. (Now where is my whole milk half sweet two shot caramel mocha with whipped cream?)

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